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Premium, Eco-Friendly Shirts

Built To Provide Extreme Comfort In Any Climate & Environment

Top Rated By 5,000+ Customers

Every artisan crafted TEO Clothing T-Shirt features unique graphics, hand-printed on the HIGHEST quality fabrics. We choose only the finest materials in the creation of our line, using the best plastisol & eco-friendly water-based inks and fabrics with a butter-soft hand. The result is an original t-shirt that looks and feels like your favorite old shirt with aged graphics, straight of the package.

Built for travelers, by travelers. This shirt is uniquely made to provide extreme comfort that makes your adventure feels more enjoyable, whether you are cruising the Mediterranean Sea, hiking the Inca Trail, or drinking a glass of Arak while watching the wonderful sunset in Kuta. Built with Organic Fine Ring-Spun Cotton, a premium material that’s incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and extremely durable. The shirt is made in the USA and is 100% sweatshop-free!

Made in the USA!, Sweatshop Free!

What Our Shirts Are Made Of?

They are made of Ring-Spun Cotton. Anyone who understands clothing material knows that this premium cotton is the best choice in terms of comfort and durability. Every strand of the premium yarn is twisted strongly to make a very fine, strong, soft rope of cotton fibers. The process took a lot more time and effort, which is why they’re more expensive than regular cotton.

Top Rated By 5,000+ Customers

Even Better, It’s 100% Organic Fine Ring-Spun Cotton!

That means it’s:

✓ Environmentally friendly: because the cotton crops are grown with an organic farming method, and were produced through a chemical-free production process.

✓ Safe For You:  because there are no chemical retentions from organic cotton clothing

✓ Super Comfortable:  because organic cotton is known to be way softer than regular cotton, highly breathable which means make you sweat less, and drying rapidly so your sweat doesn't stay on the fabric.

✓ Leaving Less Environmental Footprint:  because it decomposes faster in soil, uses 88% less water consumption, and uses 62% less energy consumption than regular cotton.

 Top Rated By 5,000+ Customers

They Are The Most Comfortable Shirts You’ll Ever Wear

Lightweight 4.4 oz/sq yd

Because they’re extremely lightweight and feel so soft on the skin. And that’s a good thing for adventurers like you who spend most of their time on the road (or sea). They won’t make you complain about the extreme humidity level in Phuket. 

Extreme Durability That You Can Count On

The life of our shirts is not measured in years, but in kilometers – thanks to their premium material, you can bring them in your backpack for as long as you love to travel around the world. So if you’re staying in a tropical country for a few weeks and have to line dry your TEO shirts under the extremely hot tropical sun, you don’t have to worry about buying new clothes – they can withstand it.

Excellent Quality

Eco-Friendly Printing

Our shirts are engineered to be last for a very long time so you can start to buy fewer clothes to reduce your environmental footprint. But we don’t stop there. We do our part by using eco-friendly printing methods to print the unique graphics on these shirts. Surprisingly, this method can produce a cool-looking graphic that looks aged like the one on your favorite old shirt.

Excellent Quality

What Happens At The End Of The T-Shirt’s Life

Our organic cotton shirts don’t end life like regular shirts. When composted, it can decompose and in just a few weeks. The cotton fibers break down naturally in landfills similarly to other crops such as food and plants. Once the cotton has been “back to nature”, the eco-friendly water-based ink will follow in a few more days or weeks.

Perfect Craftsmanship By American Workforce

Top Rated By 5,000+ Customers

Made In The USA

Buying USA-Made clothing means you’re guaranteed high-quality, long-lasting clothing. That’s because the people who made your shirts truly care about the products. They are willing to go the extra mile to produce their clothing because they want to make superior products – the shirts that you’d love and enjoy wearing for years to come.

Guaranteed Sweatshop Free

The sweatshop-free label is the symbol of our commitment to treat our employees with respect and dignity. We do that by creating a safe and diverse work environment that’s free of harassment, abuse, and discrimination. We also ensure there’s NO involuntary and child labor. And all the employees are paid fairly.

We’re Supporting The Economic Growth

By choosing to produce our shirts here in the US, that means we’re missing out on the opportunity of competing with other companies to offer a competitive price for our customers. But that’s fine with us. Because that means we can support economic growth in this country while ensuring our customers are getting high-quality products they’d love to wear in years to come.

You’re Also Getting A No-Risk, 30-Day


Money-Back Guarantee

It’s perfectly understandable if you don’t believe our claim before you wear the shirts. That’s why we’d like to give you an opportunity to try the shirt without risking anything, so you can see for yourself how comfortable and durable our shirts are.

If within 30 days you’re not happy with the quality of the product, just let us know and we’ll refund every cent of your money back. No questions. No hassles.

That’s right. Try it and judge the quality in the comfort of your home. We’re so certain you’ll be amazed by the quality, you won’t dare to give it up. In fact, you’ll probably tell your friends about our premium shirts.

Limited-Time Sale: 50% Off

We want to invite as many people as possible to support our mission in saving the planet and supporting economic growth. That’s why for a limited time, we’ve decided to offer a 50% discount.

But you have to act fast. For obvious reasons, we can’t afford to offer our premium shirts at a price this low forever.

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